Areas of Expertise

Dr Renaut’s areas of expertise falls into three broad categories:

Accident Compensation

Throughout his career in General Surgery, Dr Renaut has dealt regularly with the severely injured patient, be that motor vehicle accidents, physical assault, burns, knife wounds or gunshot wounds. He has worked extensively in Level 1 Trauma Centres acting as Team Leader and then taking the patient to the OR when appropriate. During his three years as senior surgical registrar at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel he flew regularly with HEMS (London’s Air Ambulance), dealing with on-scene surgical emergencies. All of this equates to unparalleled experience in the critically injured patient. The standard of his reporting reflects this.

Work Injury

As a natural extension of his experience with Trauma, Dr Renaut is highly skilled at assessing work-related injuries, pertinent to his area of expertise, and providing reports to insurers and including permanent impairment.


To paraphrase Pope: to err is human; to forgive divine. Many patients find it difficult to accept that, even with the best will in the world, their treatment doesn’t always proceed as expected. However, there are clearly occasions when care has fallen below a reasonable standard. Under these circumstances, Dr Renaut believes that someone has to act as an advocate for the patient and, whilst many of his colleagues shy away from this area, Dr Renaut rises to the challenge. The result is a very balanced report and he is happy to write for either the plaintiff or the defendant. He prides himself on his ability to address the court and not to use the benefit of hindsight and, once again, the standard of his reporting reflects this.